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Our relentless focus on metrics and accurate research methods

yields an effective message and three-dimensional approach 

to our work.


We design pitch perfect strategies, creative, and organizational approaches to meet the moment


We collaborate with the most accurate pollsters and world-class scientists to identify winning messages. Our cutting-edge approach resonates with the public, consumers, and voters on an emotional level.

  • Comprehensive Public Affairs Plans  

  • Corporate Impact 

  • Crisis Communications 

  • Curate Winning Teams

  • Integrated Media Campaigns 

  • Message Development 

  • Multicultural Communications & Paid Media Plans

  • Research & Analytics 

  • Stakeholder Engagement Plans

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"As my strategist, Jill's understanding of
the intersection of policy, electoral strategy, and communication, not only helped lead us to victory in two, hard-fought elections,
but was instrumental in our developing a strategy for helping people during a time
of unprecedented crisis in Michigan."

Governor Jennifer Granholm
Former Michigan Governor


Our team develops unique creative to effectively communicate your best messages to target audiences. We produce emotional and memorable paid, earned, and owned media to cut through the clutter. Read more about our media philosophy here!

  • Concept Development & Creative Media Plans

  • TV, Radio, & Direct Mail Production

  • Digital Campaigns

  • Paid Media Plans Time Buying

  • Telemarketing & Texting

  • Out of Home

  • Field Stunts


Whether at the national or local level, we curate winning teams and strategies to meet your challenges. We design winning strategies for ballot initiatives, millages, candidate campaigns, non-partisan voter education efforts, and issue advocacy campaigns.

  • Campaign Planning 

  • Content Creation 

  • General Consulting 

  • Integrated Strategic Voter Contact Management 

  • Media Consulting  

  • Message Development 

  • Voter Contact (TV, radio, mail & collaterals, phones, out-of-home)

"When it comes to electing women
to public office, and communicating effectively with women voters,
Jill has serious expertise that we've drawn upon for years. "

Barbara Lee
Barbara Lee Political Office

glass ceiling_edited.jpg


We partner with top-flight field experts and authors to design sophisticated leadership and media training. Our training is designed for anyone looking to harness their leadership potential.

  • C-Suite Executives

  • Political Candidates & Elected Officials

  • Actors

  • Professional and Student Athletes

  • Emerging Leaders

  • Issue Leaders & Advocates


After several  national campaigns and work on races in all 50 states, we’re well-positioned to build teams that win.

  • Community Outreach & Engagement 

  • Grassroots Organizing 

  • Grasstops Coalition Building  

  • Stakeholder Development 

  • Cultivation of Subject Matter Experts

Screen Shot 2020-04-23 at

"As campaign manager for the DMC's
Path To Health campaign to enroll
Detroiters in expanded Medicaid,
Jill was instrumental in designing a grassroots effort to get people to
sign up for health insurance."

Conrad Mallet 
Former Chief Administrative Officer 
Detroit Medical Center


Engaging communities  from a distance doesn’t have to be impersonal. We train community leaders  how to leverage volunteers to utilize their existing relationships and networks into person-to-person contacts to drive persuasion, adoption and mobilization to create higher participation, better contact and conversation rates, and to reach expanded universes of people.

  • Best Practices and Research 

  • Step-by-Step Training 

  • Technology


Working with national award-winning procurement experts, we can assist in creating strategic direction for proposals to the state, county or local government marketplace. Through thorough research and daily monitoring of government activities at the state and national level, we advise our clients on a variety of projects, bringing their goals in front of key agencies, groups, and stakeholders to drive change.

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