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MLIVE | Dec. 17, 2020

Jill calls Granholm a "futurist", saying she has always been ahead of the curve. Granholm's background of executive experience will prove important because "she's going to uniquely understand how to relate to the people who are driving policy at the state level to execute this plan."

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LA TIMES | Nov. 22, 2020

Jill comments on the Biden transition team’s approach to Trump “pitch perfect,” referencing Sun Tzu’s "Art of War": ‘The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting.’ And there is no need to fight,” she said. “The best thing Biden can do is move quickly to assemble his team, end the pandemic and build back the economy. And that’s what he’s doing.”

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THE DETROIT NEWS | Oct. 26, 2020

Jill Alper explains name recognition is "a perennial problem and challenge for freshman senators" in a big, diverse state like Michigan.


HUFFINGTON POST | Oct. 22, 2020

Top Republican recruit John James is in an uphill battle against incumbent Democrat Gary Peters in Michigan's most expensive Senate race ever.

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WDIV LOCAL 4 | Oct. 18, 2020

See Jill on Flashpoint with 16 days until Election Day.

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THE DETROIT NEWS | Oct. 14, 2020

Jill provides insight on shaping voter impressions. "All of these kind of different vignettes are painting a picture of a senator that's very much working for Michigan and in line with Michigan."

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THE DETROIT NEWS | Aug. 18, 2020

Jill Alper explains “There’s a trend that shows suburban women have flipped more toward Democratic candidates. They are feeling Biden more at this point.” 


DETROIT FREE PRESS | Aug. 12, 2020

With talk of Governor Gretchen Whitmer being considered as Biden’s running mate, Jill Alper tells the Detroit Free Press that the Governor "only wanted to be the governor of Michigan. That has been her focus. That's what she'll stay focused on. But her future is definitely bright because this process has shone the light on her."

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NEW YORK TIMES | May 15, 2020

On the 2020 presidential race, Jill Alper tells the New York Times that "Democrats shouldn't be fighting the last war when the current terrain presents a very different battle."

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ASSOCIATED PRESS | July 29, 2019

During the Democratic Presidential Debates in Detroit, Michigan, Jill Alper tells the Associated Press "Everything's at stake."


PBS OFF THE RECORD | Dec. 21, 2018

When speaking about Voters Not Politicians' success, Chuck Stokes of WXYZ Detroit said, "They figured out how to put some good ads on the air that were easy to understand. It simplified it for people. People knew exactly what they were voting for."

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