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Our approach is grounded, innovative 

and all about you.


Different, just like you. Our approach is grounded, innovative, and all about you. We know one-size-fits-all never really fits anything quite right, especially today.


Founded by nationally-recognized strategist Jill Alper, we are a full-service innovative strategic planning, media, and public affairs firm that designs solutions as unique as the challenges facing your campaign, non-profit, or business.

We curate teams designed to meet your exact challenge. Having worked in all 50 states and on numerous national coordinated campaigns, we partner with scores of expert professionals in Michigan and across the nation.


As strategic thinkers, we design breakthrough approaches to solve your most pressing issues. Then we act - delivering outreach, media or public affairs services.


We're dedicated to protecting democracy, advancing women's leadership, and connecting innovative problem-solvers to government leaders and partner with clients who seek to strengthen communities across the nation.


Our relentless focus on metrics and accurate research methods yields an effective message and three-dimensional approach to our work. We design pitch perfect strategies, creative, and organizational approaches to meet the moment. 

We have a tested track record of winning elections and high stakes policy fights, utilizing the best technologies and devising new and creative ways to organize and create conversation in communities. Through iteration, we match the audience to message to spot on creative to get people to take action. And we work with you to do it, every step of the way. 


Ambition. We embrace difficult challenges and meet them. Activism. We only take on causes that improve the lives of others. Advancement. We believe in ideas and principles that life people up. Collaboration. We believe strong teams yield the best outcomes. Equality. A woman-owned business, we encourage diversity of thought to maximize impact. Excellence. We dedicate ourselves to our clients and their success, owning it 100%. Innovation. We value best-practices and create new ones to solve problems.

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