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Meet the team

Jill Alper


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Jill is a nationally recognized strategist and consultant with an incredible track record of winning at the highest level of politics and advocacy. Formerly the Political Director and Coordinated Campaign Director of the Democratic National Committee, Jill has worked with campaigns in all 50 states. A veteran of 7 presidential races, Jill has served as a national electoral strategist for Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, John Kerry, and Al Gore.


Though she continues to travel throughout the country, Jill is based out of suburban Detroit, where she’s worked on all but two winning campaigns in Michigan over 29 years, serving as a Senior Strategist for leaders like Mayor Dave Bing, Governor Jennifer Granholm and Senator Carl Levin and numerous presidential campaigns; for independent committees to elect candidates like Mayor Mike Duggan; and, on ballot initiatives to legalize stem cell research, to save the Detroit Institute of Arts, and to end gerrymandering. 


As an award-winning consultant for strategy and advertising, Jill specializes in building expert teams and strategies for her clients. Her public affairs experience is deep and varied, including: campaigns, non-profits, grassroots organizing, media production, public speaking, research, data and analytics, social media, team-building, and leadership development. The American Association of Political Consultants honored her work for Jennifer Granholm as “Campaign Manager of the Year", a recognition often given to presidential campaign managers and seldom given to women.


Jill's decades of experience has taught her that every client has unique challenges that require creative, unconventional solutions. No cookie cutters. Jill is proud of her pioneering work and is excited to bring that approach to innovative businesses, organizations, and campaigns.

Allaire Donohue



Allaire’s focus is on community organizing and outreach. She helps design and implement effective public affairs plans, ensuring visibility, person-to-person connection and mobilization. Allaire is a part of our creative and production team including website design, visuals for digital, television and print ads, ad research back-up and social media.  Allaire is originally from Grand Rapids Michigan and has a BA in Political Science, Spanish and International Studies from the University of Michigan.

Angela Shiue



Angela creates detailed project management plans, administers budgets and leads client operations. She also quarterbacks trainings, meetings and implementation calendars for media production, electoral and public affairs campaigns. Angela also curates events of all kinds and sizes. A Troy, Michigan native, she graduated from the University of Michigan with a BA in Political Science.

Casey Hansen


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Casey focuses on media production, voter contact management, and research for state and local campaigns. She organizes the process for message development and ad creative for political, non-profit and corporate clients. Her critical thinking and attention to detail ensures the products we develop bring innovative strategies to life. Casey graduated from the University of Michigan with a BA in Political Science and History and is currently excited about her move to Downtown Detroit.